Welcome to Leadership Washington County!

My name is Brett Clancy. I am a local attorney. I currently serve as Vice President on Leadership Washington County’s Board of Directors. On behalf of Leadership Washington County and its Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to our new website/blog. In the coming weeks you will be hearing from some of the other board members about what leadership means to them. Thereafter, we will be publishing blog posts from some of our partners in the community. We are excited about the direction our organization is taking. We have a board that is passionate about our mission, an Executive Director with the ability to carry out our plan and, more importantly, a community deserving of what we hope to achieve.

In creating this blog we hope to give you some insight into what leadership means to those behind the scenes and those who have successfully completed the program.

Be inspired.

My inspiration is simple. Family. In my own mind I have always been a leader. At every stage in my life. As will happen in life, sometimes we realize we really did not know what inspiration does until we become parents. That is what happened to me. I have two sons. I have a vision for the kind of men I want them to grow up to be. My boys will look to me for guidance as they grow into the men they will become. I choose to lead by example.

Be involved.

I have acted on my inspiration by getting involved in those organizations about which I am passionate and in which I truly believe. Since coming to this community, I have served on two different boards (Leadership Washington County and Mental Health Association of Washington County) and I am very active in the Washington County Bar Association. I take my duty to my community very seriously. The vision I have for my boys depends on it.

Be a leader.

I read somewhere the job of a leader is to engage hearts and minds, equip with essential skills, execute with discipline and energize for greatness. Virtually every decision I make with respect to my family, my profession and my involvement in the community is derived from my inspiration, my desire to engage the hearts and minds of my boys, equip them with essential skills and energize them for greatness. My boys will look to me for guidance as they grow into the men they will become. Through my inspiration and through my involvement, I choose to lead by example.

Leadership in a family, in a community or in the work place cannot be overstated. The foundation of any of these can only be as strong as its leaders. Our mission is simple: To educate and inspire leaders through synergistic partnerships and civic management, promoting a healthy and prosperous Washington County community. Our vision consists of cultivating bold and accountable leadership, serving as a robust resource and fostering economic growth and sustainability throughout the community. Over the years we have done just that and moving forward, with the wealth of quality individuals living and working in Washington County we are confident we can continue to do so for many years to come.

Post Courtesy of: Brett Clancy, Esq.